Originally formed nearly a decade ago, Dream Posse has found fresh inspiration and edginess, with a new set list featuring vintage rock, acoustic, and R&B styles that evoke nostalgia, with memorable all time favorites, highlighted with their own original songs. The band delivers a fiery brand of country rockin’, eclectic music, with dual female vocals, and huge harmonies. Backed by a stage full of instruments that include acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, violin, and a driving bass and drums, Dream Posse can reach out and draw you in, entertaining you deep into your soul.

The six players have all been playing locally, for many years. Holding down the bottom are Alan and Kelly, a rhythm section that plays with several local bands, including The Buzztones, and The Ken Cooper Band. Our most recent member, Don, also performs with Alan in Mersey Beach along with The Rubinoo’s, Al Chan. They are rock solid, and with Don’s many keyboard tones and textures, the band’s sound is embellished beautifully. Dell is a multi-talented guitar player/producer, originally from the legendary, local band Rock Island, and has played with Paul Rogers, and the late Ronnie Montrose among others. Katy, our violinist/fiddle player is not only extremely gifted on her instrument, but has a powerful, rockin' vocal style. Kiki enjoys singing, pop, blues, R&B, and rock, with a versatile style, and dynamic stage presence. While being extremely complementary vocally, both women are seasoned professionals that have fronted local bands, and backed up and recorded with known acts, such as Eddie Money, and members of The Steve Miller Band and Journey. They are the focal point of the group, belting out tasty dual vocal leads, one after another.

In this band, each of us are grateful to spread our wings, writing and playing music that is close to our hearts, while entertaining our audiences if they want to dance, or just listen. With our newly expanded song list, we feel that we are just perfect for your event.


Kiki Stack



Kiki stack


Katy Lawrence
Dell Burchett
Kelly Pine
Alan Thiele

The posse is:

(back row from left to right)

Kelly Pine – bass & vocals

Katy Lawrence – vocals & violin

Dell Burchett – guitar, banjo, & vocals

(front row from left to right)

Don Bott- keyboards

Alan Thiele – drums

Kiki Stack – vocals

Dream Posse has been well received at city festivals and concerts in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, and on the Peninsula. They’ve played wineries, weddings, fundraisers, and are versatile enough to be an opening act for well-known groups such as “It’s A Beautiful Day” at Slim’s, and various private events.


“It’s so refreshing to hear a band that doesn’t rely totally on top 40 cover tunes. Dream Posse plays an eclectic mix that you don’t hear too often. It’s great if you want to get up and dance or just kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy some cool tunes.”

Jim Hampton

Program Director

Coast Radio Company

NEW Christmas song!

click on the image above to listen!

"Christmastime Once Again," is a fresh, new Christmas duet from independent songwriter, Kiki Stack, featuring the talent of R&B vocalists, Tony Lindsay, and Lisa Leuschner.

—October 31, 2018, Oakland, California. Bay Area singer/songwriter Kiki Stack was 21 years old when she became a student of the highly regarded vocal coach, Judy Davis.
At the time, Kiki was working on a project at one of the country’s hottest recording studios, Saul Zaentz’s Fantasy Records. Judy offered up a suggestion: “Write a Christmas song, darling! If it’s a good one, they’ll play it every year and you’ll get paid!”

Fast forward a few decades, and while working up a song idea for a certain artist, a melody came to Kiki, quite clearly and complete. “It was Christmas time and I was super busy - torn in a ton of different directions” Kiki explains, “but it wasn’t until two years later, and well into a calendar year, that I wrote out the lyrics. As it turns out, it’s not easy to evoke the holiday spirit out of the holiday season, but as I thought back to my busy life and the pressure of holiday expectations, the words just began to emerge.”

The way Kiki heard the song was “R&B meets Disney” you might say, so she reached out to an old friend, Jeff Tamelier, for an opinion. Jeff, a talented guitar player/producer lists among his credits Tower of Power, Starship, Eddie Money, and other great, well-known artists. Kiki asked Jeff if she should do a simple recording of the song in hope it would get picked up or, with his help, try to produce it herself. Jeff, who now works at The Track Shack in Sacramento, California, jumped at the chance and assembled a marvelous young studio band.

As the song evolved naturally into a male/female duet, Tony Lindsay, who’s buttery smooth vocals graced the legendary band, Santana for some 24 years, and Lisa Leuschner, the talented young singer who belts out Michael Jackson covers in the tribute band Foreverland and a Season Three American Idol Top Ten alum, seemed a lovely match. 
The addition of a Henry Mancini-inspired string arrangement from Bay Area favorite Dick Bright added even richer texture. 

“Christmas Time Once Again” has an infectious melody, a modern but timeless groove, and a universal point of view relevant to all of our lives. All the elements to become a new Christmas Holiday classic.

Official release date is November 5, 2018

“Christmas Time Once Again” written by Kiki Stack
Additional writing credits - Dell Burchett and Don Bott
Vocals- Tony Lindsay and Lisa Leuschner

Arrangement by Jeff Tamelier
Produced by Jeff Tamelier and Kiki Stack 

Engineered by Peter deLeon